Second Chances

Though I am using a new laptop, I am figuratively dusting off my keyboard. It has been a while since my last post and though I am not yet ready to go into full detail as to why – check my memoir when i’m 65 – suffice it to say I had a rough early … More Second Chances

Word is Bond

All 28 student have their heads on the desks. I post a statement. If you agree, thumbs up. Disagree, thumbs down. Statement: When I give my word to someone, I try to keep my word 100% of the time no matter who I’m dealing with.  18 thumbs up. 5 middle grounders. 5 thumbs down.   … More Word is Bond

Mother’s Tongue

NOTE:  Now, if you’re not familiar with the culture understand that Mother or Mother Dear or Madea is a common term for the matriarch of the family. And my great-grandmother was that to all of us, but she was a kindred spirit to me.  Back in the day, way back when Black folks in Alabama … More Mother’s Tongue