Word is Bond

All 28 student have their heads on the desks.

I post a statement.

If you agree, thumbs up.

Disagree, thumbs down.

Statement: When I give my word to someone, I try to keep my word 100% of the time no matter who I’m dealing with. 

18 thumbs up. 5 middle grounders. 5 thumbs down.


Statement: When someone gives their word to me, I expect them to keep it. 

8 thumbs up, 10 muddle grounders, 10 thumbs down.


We had read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and one of the major points was that it was the noble thing to do to keep your word. If my students are any indication, we do not live in a world where we expect people to stick by what they say. It’s interesting, though, that we believe we are noble enough to keep our word when we give it. If this is true, where are all the people who break their word coming from?

The truth is, we may believe we are noble, that we have more dignity than the next man, but we can be just as fallible as the people who let us down.

Parents saying they will not miss a school event but either end up having to work or simply not wanting to go. Friends who make plans but cancel or go “ghost” the day you’re supposed to see one another. And yourself when you plan on being there for you but money comes up short for that splurge, life stresses you out so you bum on the couch or you put someone else first.

It can be hard sticking to the word you give other people. Especially when that promise is to do something like stop a habit or a manner of doing things that you’ve performed for the majority of your life. It is difficult to predict your ability to change. You may want it, really and truly, but change is so very hard.

And the person who depended on you, believed in you now has a crack in the framed photo they have of you in their mind. In some cases the glass is completely shattered.

And in your guilt you may give up. Ah well, you say, I already botched this up. Might as well leave it a mess. But deep down you want better. If not for them then definitely for yourself.

So what do we do? We take it one day at a time. With positive thoughts and good juju. Whether you are the one who broke your word and you are looking for redemption, or the one who lost faith because someone hurt you. You are a whole person, capable of failure. But you are also just as capable of rising above it. The hurt AND the dishonor.

When you fall from this grace, or when you fall from the cloud nine of hopes, just dust yourself off. Sprinkle a little pixie dust. Think your happy thoughts and be off again in full flight.



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