Most of the people I know are anxious about today’s inauguration. I, too, am a little fearful. I am not into politics, but I am into people. I liked Obama because I looked at people when they watched him and those people were full of hope. They were excited about what was to come. In the end, many people were disappointed that Obama didn’t do enough. But it wasn’t about him. It was about us.

Today many of us are nervous. When I see people discuss or watch Donald Trump, they are anxious, upset, worried. But this is ok. I obviously cannot guarantee a smooth 4 or even 8 years. I cannot say we will gracefully avoid war, scandal or social and economic downfall. I can’t say he won’t exacerbate global warning and kill us all. But his power is not infinite. He is no God and we cannot fear him and his cronies as if they are the Olympians. We are the strength and the light. We will make or break this country.

So, we must stand.

  • We must be kinder to one another on smaller and bigger scales daily. Open doors, help carry bags, and simply smile and say hello. Don’t be upset when it’s not returned. They are still learning compassion, and you are wonderful for teaching it to them, little by little. For tips and tricks click here or here.
  • Volunteer. This will not only help people who need it but it will build community. And we can all agree on one thing, there’s strength in numbers. Clean a park, deliver meals, sit with the elderly. Use your strengths to make us a better people. For ideas and information about volunteering in your city click here.
  • Our best chance doesn’t even lie with us. If you are an educator or a parent, doctor or just a wise person you know that our most valuable resource is our children. Get involved with them. Your own, children in your family and community and children who are in need. Coach a little league team, teach an etiquette class or self-defense class. Take them hiking or teach them how to swim. And if you can, get a little brother or little sister by clicking here.

We don’t have infinite power either. And no, I am not so much a dreamer to believe that we can avoid any negativity or disaster that this presidency may bring. But we have to at least try. We can be afraid, but we are strong if, with our fear, we continue to do the right things day in and day out. We must move forward together. And to do that, we must stand up for better things.

let’s make it happen.



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