Baptism, Rituals, a Baby and the Devil.

I believe in God. I don’t, however, believe in any religion. I do live by Buddhism. Confusing? I know. But it makes perfect sense to me.

My boyfriend and I have been awarded the great honor of being God Parents to our friends’ daughter Wednesday. They’re Catholic. Step one was to lie and tell the church that we, too were Catholic. An almost Rastafarian and an almost Buddhist prancing around pretending to be devout Catholics. Totally worked. (no, no it didn’t work at all)

From reading, movies, and once going to a Catholic church with a good friend in college, I knew the motions and was fully prepared for the call and answer rituals that took Kyle completely unawares. The first time we were to respond “and with you” or “lord hear our prayer” he began to panic. Not out of embarrassment, but he was worried about what he had gotten his soul into. I felt like the devil himself for a minute or two. Why? Because sometime in my life, via film or novel or conversation, I heard someone ask someone else “do you believe in God?” and the second person responds “the devil believes in God”. It meant that event the devil believed that God existed, the question of faith is not belief, but of love and reverence. So when I went along with all that I was asked to say, I felt as if the devil himself could have been saying what I was saying and mean it. None of those words meant, to me, having a profound humility towards and love for God or her work.

But I do respect the Catholic church, as much as I respect any religion. I see every religion as a path to God. Just as you can get to the grocery store a number of ways, so it is, I believe, with God. Many people, Kyle included, believe that some things are created by those who are against God or who are completely lost and incorrect. Rituals performed for a couple thousand years mean little and less when you’ve studied more ancient religions and have listened to many religious leaders, from nearly every faith in existence.

It all just comes back to us each believing that we’ve found the right path the God and the wrong path will lead you astray and out of the gloriousness that God is supposed to be and provide. I don’t think we need to fear any path that leads to God if we go it with a pure heart. Even if we are mislead, God knows. So I promised to lead little Wednesday on the path that was paved by Catholics two millennia ago, and I will. She will walk a different path from mine, but we will meet again, of that I have no doubt.


One thought on “Baptism, Rituals, a Baby and the Devil.

  1. As a somewhat practicing Catholic who has been involved in almost all the sacraments besides death and clergy, even we lie. Technically the person who baptizes should be fully initiated into the church but these days it’s not as easy because even Catholics lapse on their duties to take their children through the steps (we get busy I suppose). At the end of the day though when choosing godparents its always more about who we feel in our hearts will be the best representatives for our children spiritual or otherwise. It’s the people that we know will fiercely love and protect them when we are not there, who will listen to us tell funny stories about the shit they do, and will be by our sides to guide them when they are stubborn and don’t want to listen to their parents as teenagers. If you do all these things then the church will overlook the small infraction of not being properly initiated into the church.

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