With Love and Light

When I was a kid, there was a version of the story of Merlin that was broadcast as a mini series on ABC. Having been completely obsessed with Celtic fairy tales, I was glued to the screen the entire time. Once scene in particular comes to mind today. Queen Mab, the antagonist, wanted people to believe in her so that she would be immortal. But as everyone turned their back on her, walked away and ignored her, she lost her strength and eventually ceased to exist entirely. Thinking of this scene, I realize that I have been living my life in a way that makes me one to continue arguing with Queen Mab whether than turning and walking away, thereby taking her power over me.

This is a result of something internal. Somewhere along the way I lost my light. The turmoils of adulthood, from spilled coffees to permanent bodily injuries to witnessing the evils man is capable of, have placed a hold on the rays I ought to be emitting. Rather than being uplifting, and illuminating the good, I have been criticizing the negative. And as they say, when we fight monsters, we become a monster ourselves. So rather than fight the monsters of racism, sexism, negligence for our planet and social injustices, I will feed the heroes.

They also say that we become what we think, we attract and we manifest our thoughts. Even if we are planning our ways around something horrid, simply planning will bring that which we fear into fruition. So I will attempt to avoid discussing what I fear or what I wish to fight – when possible. I will, instead, praise that which I wish to see more of, that which will undo the darkness. It is time to feed the light itself.



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