My name’s Marquita. I am a creative. I have always been, and likely always will be, just that. I am an only child from a family of humble means, and I hold a degree in literature, so naturally I have developed an imagination that tends to be more fantastical than average. As it is, I am still developing this site. For now, you may peek around, or you may peruse, the decision is entirely yours. As an educator by day and activist by birth I write both to inspire and to set fire. I don’t quench, I seek to write that which makes you thirst for a better future. There will be blog posts that focus on my personal life and poetry about some love or other, but behind it all I want for you to want an end to injustice, to war, to inequality. You should find some of my poetry, some of my fiction, and some other musings but it’s just a tip of my iceberg. Naturally, as I am attempting to make this my livelihood you can’t get the whole cow for free. So, consider this a milkbar of sorts. But, please, do stay away from the ultraviolence.

Most grateful you’ve come,



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